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On most University, and College campuses there exist one form of student government and this keeps both the academic administration and their insurers happy, in as much as there are corresponding administrative - student representitive agreed guidelines in which each campus student government must opperate under.  This covers the administration for what goes on campus.
Nonetheless, what happens off campus is virtual new territory in student movement development and thus calls for a different approach in Students / Scholars organized activity.  This is needed as it helps to assist the adjacent community with certain safe guard follow through and acknowledgment of existing governing community civil and criminal statues - while giving a the Students / Scholars a more direct means in how they want to be serviced by the adjacent community of each campus.
This does not rule out the participation of technical schools as some of the larger ones have their own mini student groups / associations as well.  Some of the student participation and number come close to some Junior Colleges.
The question which each student has when confronted with limited local service, or products by the adjacent community is how their want list is to be fulfilled. 
It is here where this website brings to the attention of such students within the field of those who search the Internet for solutions to their own individual wish lists. 
The question is:
How doe one start?
Who else is likewise interested?
How similar interested Students / Scholars are to meet ?
How are their groups, once organized, will be able to be recognized as legtimate local concern fully integrated within the social, cultural and economic activities of the adjacent community.
There are already firmly established examples.
The benefit of such course of action is immediate as the behavior to not only organize ssch a group takes on a different aand more realistic dynamic, but it further assist one to eventual open up ones own business right after graduation.
This is more important for those who are entering their senoir year.  This allows those who are interested in really crafting the development of their own local organization to take advantage of their student status on campus to enlist strategic information which their campuses have accumilated over the decades of dedicated research, while taking fully advantage of the positive marketing picture as being an on student gives one greater access to the student market.
This site indicates this and further modifys it perception once new discoveries are, likewise made.
Mr. Roger M. Christian
Ithaca, New York.

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