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Inter - City Cultural Communications.


This a part of a network of family oriented Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Websites and WebPages.  Specifically, Syre Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC component serves as an Inter - City Cultrual Communications WebSite ( and its sub-WebPages ) program between the cities of Sayre, Pennslyvania, and Ithaca, New York.   Moreover, and the central reason why this your WebSite too !  You being the online suer of the community of Sayre, is that you can make suggestions of what can goes on it.  See online form below. 
Roger M. Christian / Editor

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103 West Seneca, Suite 206A
Ithaca, New York 14850
607.279.9945 ( new number October 1, 2007 )
A Tri - Falcon and Dove Dance Academy pubic service division.

Sayre, Pennsylvania coming soon is your own Social Calendar. Here you post your organization's ongoing weekly events and activities.  The easy interactive online form is included.  See other communities Social Calendars - especially if your are travelling and may want to participate too !
Employers who are in need of qualified workforce  and those who are looking for stable employment should go to Ithaca Jobs Board

A Cultural Democracy Website.

DownTown Business and Merchants of Cortland, New York Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY OnLine Publications, Ithaca, New York extends to you a similar IFrames to be posted on Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY Cultural site depicting your events as well. Please email us at with your information.

Thank you for your attentions on this matter.

Mr. Roger M. Christian
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Running or working in a hospital,  is never easy, but building an effective web community whose purpose is create high sociocutural ite expectations can often make a huge difference in increasing professional awarenesses , responsiveness to patients' needs , and personal  satisfaction.
This site to provide the additional social and cultural outlets to increase your personal enjoyment of life, and explain the availability of where to go to fin that something extra to do. Most doctors, nurses, technician, and workers can not spend time figuring out how to further those outlets which can do this.  This WebSite reflects the eocnomic centrality of Syre Pennsylvania, as well as Waverly, New York; the medical profession and health and welfare industry. Thus think of this WebSite as a kind of portal, giving everyone in the region the information they want at a glance, and offering lots of links to draw them in to the rest of the site.

For example, we might feature a different item on the home page each month, along with a link to our products page where you can find more information on how ownership of an aircraft can greatly expand your social and cultural options.

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Persian Gulf Veterans

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This Persian Gulf Veterans website is part of Operation Proud to Serve of Ithaca, New York. 
This is to foster easy social and cultural reintegration of returning veterans to Ithaca - Tompkins county, give support to local service men and women, as well as their families residing within Central New York.  Moreover, it is to assist in the development of additional support networks by promoting more social and cultural opportunities at the same time

Ithaca Amnesty International

les Avant Garde Get - Ttogehters
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Here we may display a picture of this month's special:

To Take and Dance WebSite.
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How dance and wings can be a great combination.


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Academia ~ Academic Institutions of Highter Education and Research.

Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC [ WebSite ]

Copenhagen Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC . International Students / Scholars Intercultural Resources Network - Syre . Socials @ Syre, Pennsylvania. Dance is Fun in Syre, Pennslyvania .


New, Fantastic & Innovative!
Sociocultural Interactive Programs:
An Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC ~ Community Cultural - Democratic Initiative.
To the people of Syre, Pennsylvania this is contributed on this website in an effort to allow you and others in your area an opportunity in self-education.  Moreover, this will allow you to begin to both socially and culturally  integrate your own community into other International cities; this plus the internet, and cable access ( TV and Radio ) will totally bring this about..  Everything starts with a single action, and the items following are for now Ithaca based, biut it will be slowly turned over into being solely Syre.
Participate with others in expanding the social and cultural opportunities of Ithaca.  Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY ~  Sayre Social Calendar is now open for you and your organization to post your weekly social events.  Moreover, Ithaca Social Get - Togethers forum is where you and others can plan and create your own social group, and socials  More importantly, it will allow you the ability to explore your own leadership potential and set idealistic principles to emerge at the sametime.
In conjunction with this program is Dance Community ~ Ithaca Get - Togethers forum where you can plan and create your own social dance groups and social dances.  Here also you can post your weekly dance socials on Ithaca Social Dance Calendar .  Also, to assist you in developing your own social dance group the Dance is Fun in Ithaca forum has been created for you and others to use in the organization of your own independent dance groupe or amatuer dance troupe.
These processes are offered free'ly and with high internet visability, Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY is the perfect site for you to launch and plan your own innovative cultural programs.  The networking of resources are available on these webpages to give you the added information you can use in your sociocultural initiatives for Ithaca.
Add stimulating and fascinating events to  Sayre social calendar, and to meet interesting people as well as encounter the unexpected in your life.  Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY Inter - Cities ( 50 cities up to date ) Cultural Communications Network now includes Les Avant Garde @ Ithaca Les Avant Garde . This gives you the additional opportunities to explore ( off - campus ) social, cultural, and at times spiritual issues which are at the cutting edge of human frontiers.  The Heroic Generation, Pax Fidelis, Arab - Israeli  Reconciliation, The Social Cultural Revolution of Cultural Democracies are but a short list of topics for the year 2006.  Start today! Initiate your own dialouge groups and later on an organization on Les Avant Garde ~ Ithaca Get - Togethers today.
Keeping our nation safe and secured, while at the sametime giving you opportunities to assist in peoples initiatives for reconciliation is another opportunity. Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC series is the major internet promotional arm of The Foundation For Arab - Israeli Reconciliation-Ithaca, New York .  It is the private sector aspect where you can privately have influences which make this approach uniquely different. Exciting news are forth - coming about this process .  FAIR's - Ithaca Get Together forums allows you to initiate discussions forums and seminars on the ethnocentric commonalities which exist between the Israeli and Arab peoples to occur as public events within Ithaca itself. More to the point, and thus all to the more important, it will be initiated by your ongoing developing community leadership and not academia's.
When you step back and take a long look, you will be able to see the vision of the Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Social Interactive Programs are a two way portal through Inter - Cities Cultural Communications.  Impacting Ithaca by your positive actions and be able to see what other communities are also doing is essentailly the heart of cultural democracy.  In an addition is the network - The Cultural Democracy Network.  The object of which is to increase the social and cultural expectation of the nation as a whole.  This also,  insures the intent of this effort, and that is to transform The City of Ithaca in to the Cultural Magnet Destination City of the Tri - State Region. RMC / Editor

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