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The Youth Capital of The East Coast!


Ithaca, New York


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Boston, the Youth Capital of the East Coast of the United States.  A City in which  more than 12 million visitors per year make this city their destination city.
This website is part of an Inter - City Cultural Communications website program between the cities of Boston, Massachusetts, and Ithaca, New York.  Boston with upbeat academia fashions looks with gleaming of sophistication and the avant garde suggest a highly liberal mind set in its population.  Vibrant, thriving an Internationally renowned for its always increasingly expanding cultural facilities, world-class educational institutions, champion sports franchises, as well as its place at the very forefront of American history. 
Serving as the region's social and commercial "hub", Boston has a technological windfall in innovation and ideas.  Thus largely un'tapped, very much like a Sleeping Beauty, Boston awaits its next efforts to contribute to America.

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Lowell, North Boston,  The Arts Center of Boston's Avant Garde.

There is a growing arts center in northern Boston, on Lowell and is notable for its collection of small museums and galleries, big name concerts, cultural celebrations, and the largest free folk festival in the country. Lowell offers performances, an award-winning theater, outstanding historic sites, and a wide array of world-class ethnic dining. The cultural richness of city living comes without the high ticket price of larger urban centers.

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United Nations Association of Greater Boston
Your Gateway to the UN and World Affairs

Persepolis film screening and discussion of Iranian human rights

Sunday, Sep. 6
5:00pm Film Screening, followed by discussion
MIT, building 56, room 114

Please join Boston's Young Professionals for International Cooperation at MIT (map here) for a screening of the award-winning film Persepolis, and discussion with members of the Boston Iranian Coaltion (BIC).

The film will be begin promptly at 5pm, followed by an open Q/A and discussion moderated by Dr. Ali Taalebinezhaad (Shirin Center, MIT). The "Iranian Human Rights Forum" is held on the FIRST Sunday of every month at 5pm at MIT. For updates and details, please visit the B.I.C. Event Page on Facebook.

The event is open to the public and is free of charge. Hope to see you there!

2009 Global Voices Film Festival

Global Voices: Powerful International Films
October 8 - 11
Discuss and dialogue in Harvard Square!

Join us for a weekend of powerful international documentary films dealing with issues from the plight of migrant farm workers in the US to interpretations of Islam in Syria, and from the complexities of water use in developed countries to the role of widows in India.

In 2009, we'll showcase international documentaries from the Cannes Film Festival for the first time!

Read past coverage by 2008 filmmaker panel moderator and Boston Phoenix film critic Peter Keough

...and check out our Global Voices Film Festival blog -- updates by staff, interns, and host committee members!

Learn more

UNA-GB serves as a resource for the citizens of the Greater Boston area on the broad agenda of critical global issues addressed by the United Nations, including peacekeeping, human rights, humanitarian relief, economic development, and education. A membership organization founded more than 50 years ago, UNA-GB is a leading chapter of UNA-USA, the largest grassroots foreign policy organization in the United States.

Become a Member! Membership in UNA-GB is open to all, and includes membership in our national organization. If you are not already a member of UNA, we would welcome you to join at


Lisa Unangst, Program Manager
United Nations Association of Greater Boston

phone: 617-482-4587

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New, Fantastic& Innovative !
Sociocultural Interactive programs;
A Chicago Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Cultural Democractive Initiative.

Participate with others in expanding the social and cultural opportunities of your Boston community.  Boston Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC's Chicago Social Calendars is now open to you and your organization to post your weekly regular social events.  Moroever, Chicago Social ~ Chicago Get - Togethers Forum is where you and others can plan and create your own social groups and socials.  More importantly, it will allow you to explore your own leadership potentials.
In conjunction with this program Dance Community ~ Chicago Get - Togethers is where you can plan your own social weekly dances to be posted on Chicago Social Dance  Calendar. These processes are offered free'ly and with high internet visability, Chicago Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC is the perfect site to launch your own social interests, and plan your own innovative cultural programs.  The networking of resources are available on these webpages are to give you the added information you can use in your sociocultural initiative for the community of Chicago.  Thus in addition, Dance is Fun in Chicago Dance Community Forum is also available for your use. 
Add stimulating and fascinating events to your Chicago Social Calendar, and to meet interesting poeple as well as encounter the unexpected in your life.  Chicago Night LIfe ( NightLife ), RMC Inter-City Cultural Communications Network now includes Les Avant Garde & Les Avant Garde ~ Chicago.  This gives you the opportunities to explore social, cultural, and at times spiritual issues which are at the cutting edge of human frontiers.  The Heroic Generation, Pax Fidelis, Arab Reconciliation, The International Sociocultural Revolution of Cultural Democracy are a short list of topics chosen for the year 2006.  Initiate dialouges and arrange Get - Togethers on Les Avant Garde ~ Chicago Get - Together Forums today.
Keeping our nation safe and secured, while at the sametime giving you additional intercultural educational opportunities, and assisting in a peoples reconciliation is the Chicago Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Foundation For Arab - Israeli Reconciliation   ( FAIR ) program.  Moreover, the entire Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC website series is the main promotional arm of FAIR.  Here you are given the opportunity to assist in reconciliation privately by initiating your own sociocultural discoveries involved in exploring ethnocentric commonalities between the Israeli and Arab peoples. Chicago FAIR along with the forum FAIR's ~ Chicago's Get - Togethers are also available to assist in this process.  It also allows you to initiate discussions community forums, and seminars on the various aspects of ethnocentric commonalities, and open your community to rare experiences in the further understanding of global diversities.
When you step back and take a look, you will be able to see the vision of Chicago Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Social Interactive Programs are a two way portal through Inter - City Cultural Communications.  Impacting your own community by your own positive actions and be able to see what other communities are also doing; this is essentailly, the heart of cultural democracy.  The object of which is to increase the social and cultural expectations of the nation as a whole.  In addition, the networking processs - Cultural Democracy Network .  RMC Editor


Social / Cultural Web Listings:
It is here where I will prove my case.

 Want to take a break and learn something which has meaning and have importance at the sametime ?  Then look at the following sites;
Dance Ithaca - Ithaca Dance Performance Network.  International Students / Scholars Intercultural Resources Network - Ann Arbor.

Foundation for Arab Israeli Reconciliation
Join in the peace process of self - discovery click on.

In addition:
Foundation for Arab Israeli Reconciliation Ithaca, New York [ Hub - Website ] Join one the most important MSN discussion groups [ MSN - GroupSite ]Israel Information Center Ithaca [ Hub - WebPage ] Join the Cultural Zionist MSN discussion group [ MSN - GroupSite ]
Du Avant Garde Orientation [] Website [] Du Avant Garde HomePage [] Du Avant Garde Ann Arbor Get - Together  GroupSite  [] Du Avant Garde Forum []
Cultural Democracy Orientation  [] WebSite [] Cultural Democracy Network [] WebSite [] Cultural Democracy Ann Arbor, New York GroupSite [] Cultural Democracy Forum []

As per an internet suggestion....Cultural Zionism Forum ~ Ann Arbor Get Together : A non - affiliated Israeli related social program planning forum for the organization the Ann Arbor Cultural Zionism group.

Cultural Zionism

Cultural Democracy : Central to every city's future is its ability to reach within it's pool of citizens, and allow private initiatives to flourish in both the social, economic, spiritual, and political community domains.  The basis of which is cultural democracy as per [ WebSite ],  " The Central WebSite for Cultural Democracy, Ithaca, New York . Ti fully understand the overall implcations of what is cultural democracy, goto Cultural Democracy, An Evolving Essay, by Roger Meredith Christian.  Supporting links, The Academic WebSites for Cutlural Democracy.

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