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                                                                                " B. H. "

" Shalom "

This is the main WebSite which is built upon a developed network base.  Each containing its own individual aspect of the subject - Information about Israel, and Zionism.  Place close attention to the critical fact of the eventual direction of this contribution to the internet - in as much as it will explore the greater unseen diversity which is contained within The National Liberation of The Jewish Peoples.


The Thesis and Objective of this WebSite. 
During the 21st Century political Zionism is now finally achieving its ends or last step in National Liberation historic - struggle or process, a Peace with Israel's neighbors, the Arabs.  This reflects the highest level of Jewish self-determinism, full human rights and potentials in achieving human happiness, and the critical and long sought for liberation from fear itself.  This is the essence of The National Liberation of the Jewish Peopls, and it is this alone which defines its character.  It was never  high brow or even super intellectual, as it must be pointed out at the critical histroic juncture in Jewish history.  Just the simple truth for the Jewish Peoples, and of which is inherantly our social, cultural and spiritual ethos,  to Live in Peace and Happiness.
This is the foundation upon which Cultural Zionism,  then later on, and only then, Spiritual Zionism comes into being-focus.  This focus is in itself, the most prevailing hidden factor of being Jewish.  The giving human aspect which celebrates ones own happiness among others.  Jewish culture rellects this.  Yet it is this one spirituality which has always lay remained  historically dorment ( or oppressed form outside sources - spiritual plagerisms included ) for 1,900 years, and beneath this  human action IS the real vision for human society- which reflects its real value of simple humble human courage. It is this simple truth of personal Jewish courage which is the critical element why there are Jews existing today-The Authenticity of  Human Love, and Its even more critical factor of Humility before that which we, and as best we humans can comprehend, and worship known as "___".
It is " how  " the single consequence of doing unto others which signifys this aspect of the Jewish persona, but in the expression of life and happiness, the celebration  in itself for life is the grist, or foundation stone of liberation for all humanity.
  • For in the eye of ones enjoyment of  the promiss of happiness and liberation from fear itself comes the joy to give as this self-reflects the innate of all humanity as it was so envisioned by the originator ( s ) of " The Torah " itself.   Thus, the National " Jewish "  Liberation of The Torah is enjoined.

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Blogger's Israel Information Center Ithaca:
This is the Israel Domestic or Israeli Life Blog.  Thus what this covers is  to trigger the development of other Garinim Movements for Soluttions for Israel society and economci development - through the markets this WebSite has targeted for mobilization.  This plus the discussions groups, viia MSN .Com, among other groups help to provide an internet platform for accomblishing this as the first stage of commitment for Aliyah.
Note:  It is sadden that MSN dot COM stop providing free F.T.P. Space and cut loose its discussions groups as well to redirect its resources in developing its innovative BING dot Com.  It was this service alone which indicated the real market direction in which both the Israel Information Center Ithaca and the Foundation " For " Arab - Israeli Reconciliation, Ithaca, New York 14850 should take.

The Central Ideological Educational Blog: The Israel Information Center Ithaca / Networking - Site:
The Israel Information Center Ithaca, New York WordPress Blog is to introduce the general public to the cultural life-styles which exist within this Modern Jewish-Israeli State which emerged from an ancient past and broader circumstance of several authentic Jewish heritages, along with  those who were not Jewish as well.  Their exist a Jewish – Israeli Society, a Moslem – Israeli Society, and a Christian - Israeli Society.   It has been further recognized, both during their establishment, and their histories involved in the various Zionist movements for the popular National Liberation of the Jewish Peoples, that the central Jewish character rest solely upon its free will to represent the finest behavior and ideals in the human character.  Thus full acceptance of democracy and its independent development of  cultural  democracy are the present necessary discourse of Israeli sociopolitical developments, from which, and thereby both Jewish, Christian, Ba Hai and Islamic [ The four major groups as there are also others which are likewise emerging. ] peoples can live together in developing themselves into completely separate society role models of the cultural democratic future for the Regional Middle East Peoples. .

IsraeliTikvah AOL.Com 
The ultimate ends of this WebSite is contained in the Speciific Information Tracks  in which is to assist in the overall outreach to other peoples within the Middle East who have suffered under the Arbic Dhimitude.  This is in its conviction, adn  is singularly based upon the aspiration of all Peoples desires to be liberated and that Zionism can be exported to others who desire their own Self-Dependent National State.

Tripod.Com's Israel Information Center Ithaca
This is the model program concept in which to construct an effective Sociocultural community Zionist Organization.  Moreover, its specific affect and the make up of its officers and membership will open the doors to Non-Jews looking for an active demonstration of their feelings of support to both the Jewish Peoples, and more specifically, The State of Israel ( who has a diverse religious population ).

Discussion Groups:
 There are for now two discussion groups in this list for you to join:
Or send in your comments in the following internet form.

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 Free Trade Networking:
This is the cornerstone of regional prosperity and full dependence for every state within the Middle East.  Everything else, is a diversion from this, and from this alone.  It is in then ends of the diesire of  liberation itself in which both the Israeli and Arab are co-enjoined in the construction of free and independent states.  It is this factor in which the expendurers and cost of maintaining a force of arms neither can no longer afford, as evey state in the region suffers national deficits, real red ink in the ledger books of economy,  as a result.  It is in the ethnocentricity of the culture of trade in which both the Arab and Israeli has a single social and cultural ancestry.  An ancestry, as it must be pointed out,  predates the Arab acceptance of the Koran and Islam itself  ( which was in its, the Koran , texts has historically assimilated this human economic activity as being virtual, and not red ink  which is an Islamic sin).
Thus the critical factor in developing The Foundation for Arab - Israeli Reconciliation-Ithaca, New York comes into view.


Tel Aviv Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC [ WebSite ] Published August 3, 2005.  A culturral WebSite with modenr feature against the backdrop of human drama, dramtic victories of epic proportions.  Then came the Modern city of Tel Aviv.

Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Established INTERNET Network:

Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC - Academia ~ Academic Institutions of Higher Education and Research . WebSite Domain.

The City of Ithaca~ The Cultural Magnet Destination City of The Tri State region of Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio ~ Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Established INTERNET Network.