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The Social Contract:
What goes into creating a " Dance Ball " all the way to what is a Debutant, are traditions which have in many are long past.  Sadd'ly. But the gentle nature in they evolved, especially during America Age of Innocence 1880 - 1917, need to be closely reexamined again. 
The key factor, is based on how a society functions is the best measuring rod of the social, cultural, and political health of nation.  Morover, it is this measure which those who were social innovators within the dynamics of pure cultural appreciation took utmost care in the plans they laid out.  Some of the preparations, like the more visable Japanese Tea Ceremony, took a dynamics gentle turn about 1885 in places like New York City, and Atlanta, Georgia- ( Harper's Bizzar - Publications at that time  ) which later converged upon Washington DC a year later.  The Social Contract was formed.
Something wonderful happened.  Though it happened in more affluent parts of American society, it was not till a generation later, 1914 - 1928, that the those who were not a part of the social sector also accepted and adpated such conditions for themselves.  By 1938 every sector was practicing alot of the social contract behaviors so carefully developed as far back 1885.
This WebSite among others are to assist its return.

Why Dance Schedules ?
Ballroom Dance Classes Ithaca, Latin Dance Classes Ithaca, and Ithaca Swing, West Coast Swing and Lindy Hop Dance Classes have led the way in dance excellence in Ithaca and Central New York.
Here on this WebSite is the basic dance schedule, and other information about dance.  Most importantly,  it offer those who do not have a WebSite to be listed also.
Later on as teacher training start to creat a corps of qualified dance instructors then the schedule with cover a wider area.
Moreover, and contained within this WebSite are technical and group issue which need to be reported on the INTERNET.;
This part and parcel of greater approach to cultural democracy withn Central New York as it applies to dance, and the consumers of dance performance, social dancing, dance instruction; and becoming a dance teacher.
Dance Class Schedule - Ithaca, New York:~ Salsa Wild of The Falcon and Dove Dance Troups `~ Ithaca Dance Master Roger M. Christian Dance Touring Services ~ Dance Ithaca - Tri Falcon and Dove Productions.


We are excited that you are visiting our web site. Our company is here to provide unique adventures for any occasion.

On this site you'll find information about our activities and facilities, along with descriptions of our special getaway packages. We hope you will find all of the information you are looking for about our recreation company.

Areas in Red on the schedule below indicates Dance Troupe Training.

Time & Class
07:30 PM - Orientation Latin Dance Special
08:30 PM - Latin Basics, Intermediate, Advance.
Dance Classes being re - scheduled
Latin Dance Classes @ Pancho Villa Mexican Restaurant, the corner of West State Street and Route 13,
10:00 AM
07:30 PM - Wedding Ballroom Dance Classes ~ Orientation Specials
08:30 PM - Dance Sport Ballroom ~ Orientation Specials


08:30 PM -  Latin Dance Classes,  Intermediate & Advance



7:00 PM
 Latin Dance Classes Cortland



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8:00 PM
Latin Dance Class Ithaca College


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Socials, Dance Classes, and The Best Behavior Too !.
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Ballroom Dance Story Shorts.
Story - Short ~ The Fallen Handkerchief.

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