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To Take Flight and Dance

Suggestion Box ( Your Imput is needed ! )

There is alot each one of us can offer.  All information is important !

The wish list:
Air and pilot clubs who will interested in this project.
Who has the most friendly of Airports/  Large or small makes no difference.
Top aircraft maintence area.
Who is the best mechanic?
Best town to fly to and have a good time, must include social dancing ( who, where, and cost etc )?
Best accomodations.
Best place to get a bite to eat on the run, and who can prepare a meal you can use while you are flying too!
The top restaurants you have been to in your flight excursions.
More to come on this short list.


Full name:
Email address:
List everything on the wish list you know about, and then go to the links exchange program for swapping links !:

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