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Ithaca, New York: Ithaca College
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Ithaca College:

Ithaca College Students Organization operate more freer than Cornell students groups.

The above I Frame link - window is how student social and cultural activities are supported by campus officals, as per their pedegogic mission.
It is not associated in any manner with the empowerment Students / Scholars I Frame site below, and that it deals with interests which is non-campus based.
Then below are the strategic steps in which one must take in order to locate fellow student support to create ones own interests off - campus and whether their is sufficient interest to formally form a recognizable licenced Students / Scholars group - mostly D.B.A.'s [ which is the easiest path to initially take.]
Interactions is primarily between students, and the interest of this site is to find the means in which to facilitate Students / Scholars interests.

This is an outreach website to Ithaca College Students / Scholars to encourage and promote their interests off - campus ' only'!

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