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Foundation " For " Arab - Israeli Reconciliation-Ithaca, New York

Critical Interactive Survey Sheet

Follow the instructions very carefully. After filling out a survey form you hit the submit button below immediately. And then come back and fill out another interactive form, and like wise hit the submit button.  Each form is separate, and the Trelliz system can not link all the forms to one submit button.

These forms are developed to measure the interest of each potential INTERNET, and Community Member of F.A.I.R.
INTERNET Membership - attached to one several groups being set up on various INTERNET services providers. IE. [ MSN - GroupsSiteFAIR ] Once a main discussion group is created and functional, then focus groups will be established.
Community Membership -  is one who is local to the Tompkins area of New York State, or who can make the commute once the seminars, and meetings begin.

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We all should believe in your - each member's - years of experience within this subject title, who in turn will help us all come to a focus of where the work is needed to be done.   Thus also requires answers to some tough questions and take to care at the sametime no harsh rehtoric is allowed-the centrality of ethical behavior of this effort; the basis of the organization itself.
Thusly -  and only then,  the role of Moderators ares then established.
Roger M. Christian

Family Life-Styles; 
Ethnocentric Cultural Links; 
Easterncentric Philosphical Common Perceptions.
To Establish -
Teen Groups
Academic Groups
Adult Groups
Gov. Related Groups

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What country you are living now.:
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Make sure you have already hit the SUBMIT button in the above form before you fill the Comment-View form below.

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In your personal view- What are the various social and cultural commonalities between the peoples of the Middle East: ?:

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