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Hello Mr. Christian-
I agree with your idea about the possibility (probability?) of college
students falling behind those who serve our country when it comes to
comprehending ideas such as Ethnocentric Commonalities.  I also agree
that this can be attributed to the large gaps that exist in American
secondary education programs.
I have a few questions for you about how to address this issue:
1.  Are there any specific resources that you would recommend to help
a person learn more about these ideas?
2.  How can we make sure that the future secondary education
professionals are knowledgeable enough (seeing as how many college
students are missing information) to succinctly teach these ideas?
And finally,
3.  As an elementary school teacher, is there a part that I could play
in helping to make sure that the future college students are more
socially and politically aware?

Thank you for your ideas,

Nicole DeCamp
University of Wisconsin Madison

Nicole DeCamp
University of Wisconsin Madison


First and foremost is the discovery .....

" Palestinian parents will never condone their children throwing
stones at human beings, especially at ' armed ' Israelis.  Nor will
Israeli parents, cognizant of the Holocaust, ever condone their
children denigrating a peoples, especially ' unarmed ' Palestinians.
"  Roger M. Christian, Ithaca Journal, March, 2003, Ithaca, New York

This, the discovery,  was around 1981, talking about getting old, but,
nonetheless I still remember this conclusion as it was yesterday.
Then in your role as a primary educator you are likewise immediately

So lets start, as I am also advising an Art Teacher within this K - 12

Orientation:  Most who are dealing with their own domestic and
employment situtations within the Middle East do not want to have any
personal involvement with the present handlers in the on-going
political discourse, either Israeli, Arab nor Americans who are living
in this region.  There is a silent " Private Sector " virtually unknow
to both Americans or even our leaders, except some very shewed Multi -
Corporate types who in most instances are Republicans.

Thus when you look at my <a href="
baghdad">Baghdad Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC</a> and read the open
letters you will note an attitude shift.  The reason is that I
attracted attention by those 4,800.000 Iraqis who have fled in order
to protect the emotional and physical well being of their children.
Thus likewise they are also connected.

It is here, and only hear from the perspective of teaching is the best
place to start.

A child centered socialsphere ( An Ethnocentric Commonality )

What does a parent want for their children's well being and future.
Here the Israeli, the Arab, and the Palestinian parent individually
confronts.  This means health and education, with issues reguarding
some moral centrality, and it is here where the Ethnocentric
Commonalities start to come together.

Thus once focuses on centain passing of age ceremonies like Bar  /
Bats Mitzvahs which Islamic societies similarly have.  There are
cultural and spiritual connotations involved which follows the
developmental basics of Erickson and others - which we as teachers are
likewise familar with.  This is the jumping off point.

In this you should also focus on how in the approached of this passing
of age ceremony, the various communities which participates by
assisting the sociocultural assurances it is duty bound to ( " duty
bound ' and another Ethnocentric Commonality in social behaviorisms ).
Please likewise note, there are virtually no links with the on-going
political discourse in Middle East politics.  This is deeply private.
Those families who allow otherwise you will note in years later their
children becoming isolated from peers whose parents kept it private-an
emotional stigma has been imprinted..

Thus if you are teaching 5th or 6th graders you are the same passing
of age in which you can initiate and educated passing of age.
Bringing a little of the Ethnocentric Common attitudes right in to
cultural center of your own school, and this can be done very easy.

An active behavioral means to produce the experience of the passing of

<a href="">International and National
Cultural Fiesta Movement</a>  With this as either a class or school
wide project, the actual event, and its intent of giving each students
keywords revelation to Intercultural Communications, Ethnologies, and
Ethnocentric Behavior are emotionally reinforced by the physical
modification and role playing it brings to the learning behavior; and
its further dynamics of either your classroom or school as well as
your local - adjacent community if the program is co - produced with a
supportive Parents - Teachers group which is connected with your

Now you have some very important dots illustrated in this
communication.  Which, likewise, have been connected in the entailed
deliberative prose.

Later, you, as well as Co - Teachers will enter an arena of conflict
preventioning in which to sponsor parental courage within your
adjacent community.  And that should be the ends.  The real
significance of all the dots are the links between impacting the
students, and having their parents implementing the community follow

My phone is 607 - 451 - 8663

I am already advising a few teachers, and Grad University College


Mr. Roger M. Christian
M-F 3:30
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