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Foundation " For " Arab - Israeli Reconciliation-Ithaca, New York


One:  There is to no harsh or negative rethoric between each member, or in representing  a view.
Two:  In the discovery process, the focus will be on Cultural Commonalities ( IE. Child Rearing Methods ), Ethnological Rooted Socio-Cultural Behavior ( IE. Free Trade ), and Visions of the Future.
Three:  The full understanding that in development of focus groups, there will no attempt at political polarization.
Four:  At all times, each member's idenity, the knowledge of which must be given by their consent, and then, it will be traced, as to be correctly confirmed,  by IP search.  There are many who opinions, once known by their governments, could jeapordize their personal security and that of their family too !
Five:  Each member will be encourage to establish a fire wall on their computers for additional personal security. This goes double for those who reside in an Arab state.

Processes - Goto: ( this is still in the works - thus under construction )
Critical Path Method
Creative Problem Solving Methods

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