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Dance Ithaca - Essay Page
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Dance Ithaca - Essay Page

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Dance Ithaca


On the INTERNET there are serveral service providers and search engines, IE. Google dot Com or MSN dot Com,  and one of the popular keyword searches for the city of Ithaca, New York and dance culture is Dance Ithaca. Dance Ithaca from the standpoint of Ithaca Culture represents a significant and deeped rooted , and at times some what caotic sociocultural behaviorism of the consumers of dance instructional related and interrelated services.  Some of which, from a professional view, one of the most unique, bizzar at times, in the world.  Nonetheless, its estranged traditions has affected every dance teacher - teaching in this city.

Computers Computers and Servers !!!!

It was from here too where one other element was discovered and has radicalized most local and national page rankings through - out the world; this is largely unknown to most local and world wide dance teachers-except for two.  This is the use of Cornell's server in which has been downloaded with several commercial dance  WebSites, and WebPages-which do not have any relationship with existing campus dance educational programs. The only connection is one dance instructor.  Also, and with a certain degree of campus interrelationship are several dance clubs-which all have gravitated to use and exploitated this server.

Apparantly too !  When the Cornell server was being established, the original computer programer created a start up program in which all internally loaded Websites and WebPages are inter-linked automatically.  There maybe a special a highly classified-secret computuer robat doing this automatically

It is this radical element from which I have had to find counter measures, and thus how to acquire useage of other main frames - computer servers.  Cornell's main frame server is bigger than AOL. Yahoo, Google, Lycos, /Alta Vista, and MSN servers.  AOL came closer!  Thus counter - measures meant that I have to form a speical system of linkages and Websites, WebPages.  

" The INTERNET one big Fortran Program "

Tactically this meant I add to look at each WebPage as if it was the old key-puch card of the past, really ancients days when you consider the present day advnaces, and created a whole series of WebSites components in the overall multi fscetted computer program to create The Matrix.  What this did, and the way each WebPage was set up, enlisted crossed referencing between several independent servers to occur through the use of exchanges of links, and other text-meta confidentail mini programs.  Thus some WebPages became gotos, and others if statements...and so on.

This further meant that each WebPage need at least one inter ( insourcing ) and an exit ( outsourcing ) link exchange, and with additional outside linkages into this system - this added more juice to this INTERNET fortran program being set up.

Implication to present city schools of Tompkins county.

The established Dance Schools of The Ithaca Academy of Dance, The Ithaca Ballet, and Karen Armstrong School of Dance all have kept away from the antics of the Dance cultural - cults-who dominate the local social dance culture.  The key factor behind their development, and relative security, and  being firmly established was the good fortune they had in connecting and serving The Family Centered sociocultrual community of Tompkins County.

They had been raided though !

The quality of their trainning has caused regional attention to their dance training programs' succcess from outside dance interests, and as result many outside dance academies and dance schools have come to see who they have recently developed.  The result, is when they spot someone who reached a paiticular point of dance excellence, they manage to get them.  As result, especially the Ithaca Ballet, there has been a talent drain occuring within the dance culture of the city of Ithaca, New York too! This started around 1976. Nearly 30 years now!

End here,

Mr. Roger M. Christain

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Addendum to the Matrix:

There is another system which has been programed checked!

The CubiX

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