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The fundemental exploration and interpolation of Human Rights to Full Discovery.

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In both cultural terms as well as in  the present economic conditions makes it imperative that terms of discovering the on-going cycles of  flow of capital, and the exact nature of purchaing which is being conducted by both Cornell and Ithaca, Collage.  The Academic Slavery, along with Syracuse continued socio-economic dominance is wipping any real attempts to solve on - going fisical problems with the public services, and municipals programs of the City of Ithaca, and Tompkins County.


International Students / Scholars Intercultural Resources Network .

An online website which deals with the necessity for a free society to maintain it's rights and privlages by the direct socioeconomic liberation of the Middle class.  That democracy in it's most purest form is the ends of that liberation.  That, that liberation is furthered maintain by an inclusive process; this is the lawful remedies necessary to guarantee the success of the ends of the Middle Class Liberation-FREEDOM. Roger Meredith Christian
See Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC ~ Academia - Academic Institutiions of Higher Education and Research . Du Avant Garde Ithaca, New York website.
Liberation from what ???????

                   The Academic Slavery of Tompkins County.

Ithaca faces several challenges.  Most of which deals with those who seek to extend their campus experiences onto the local scene.  This has created the expansion of Non - for - Profit at the direct costs of the tax base.  Furthermore, the ideals espouse within the campus socio-domains, and the intellectual luster of " the Ivy League Imagry " has further created the conditions within Tompkin's County which fustrates most from investing; thus triggering negative industrial and cooperative industrial services growth. Most apparent is how it has fustrated and corroded High Tech Industrial developments.  Agricultural efforts are also decreasing too!

In a closer examination of the multi - faceted realtionships between the academic institutions and the adjacent communities within Tompkins County. Those who have extended their stay here beyond the completion of their degrees, if they finsihed at all, are behaving opposite to both Cornell's and Ithaca College's pedagogic missions.

Under the lip-service wordages of Liberalism, Democractic Party affiliations, and even under the banner of The Greens, and other self-described  liberal elements, an entire new political mass phenonmena has also occured.  The Counterfit Liberal.

In an opposite review of local conservative elements, a certain amount fear and anxiety has also occured-espeically if it is attached in any way to individuals who have old money. Thus many who know better are afraid to stand up,

Thus under these circumstances future development in Ithaca is dependent upon the charitable contributions, student based economics, and tax loop-holes.  Anotherwords slavery to academia.
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The Economic Issue

Based upon experience of how academic institution economically impacts the adjacent community-primarily from hands on working research on SUNYaB, and SUCaB markets-the community who has the primary benificiary of the economic impact of both Cornell, and Ithaca College is Syracuse, New York.  Not Ithaca.

Generally the economic multiple effect by an academic institution upon the adjacent community is around 2.7 of revunes generated by good and services that institution expends, and recieves.  In two phone Interviews with The Vice President of University Relations concerning Cornell's interest in conducting a more recent impact study,  " Cornell's economic multiple affect upon Ithaca was around 1.1 / 1.2. " An exact quote.  I tried to challenge this, yet, as I learned later on,  the certainity of his statements made just might be very accurate.

What led me to this conclusion, is that in discussions with University of Syracuse people, under the cloak of False Flagging, the economic affect of Cornell upon Syracuse was considered to be major.  Thus, the missing 1.5 of the nornal mulitple affect was discovered, and then in discussions with Syracuse University's economic grad students was confirmed. This figure has been established by research by SU.

Furthermore, this conclusion is also backed up in knowledge of the continuation of multi-level verification of other critical information of how Syracuse has been socio-economically dominated Ithaca-Tompkins County.  This will discussed on Page 6, Page 9 and Page 10 ( being developed now ). Historically, this happen during the developmental fall-out of the 1970s - in which several industries took flight out of Ithaca.

None-the-less, Syracuse's economic interest dominates the economic interest and developmental schemes of Ithaca, as Ithaca further sleeps in it meglomenia dream state of conterift liberalisms.

The Cultural Magnet Destination City of the Tri - State Region.

Gaining the attention is the first step in attracting investments into a city's economic future. The reason ?  Your must really have to demonstrate that you are, indeed, are going to have a future.

The Cultural Magnet Destination Cities series of promotional WebPages has been developed into InterCultural - InterCity ongoing networking.  IE Paris Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC 's WebPage.

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