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A Political Focus

Du' Avant Garde - Academic Institutions Ithaca, New York

The fundemental right to discovery.

What the colaboration of idea, ideals, and the future needs entails as a political focus !

The consequence of our existance today is built upon human history in terms of events produced by historic leaders ( good and bad ), scientific discovery, what is available in natural resources ( this includes the means to extract these resources ), the environment both terra-centered, and the vast reaches of space, and the condition @ any time of the moral content of human character. This is the entire reach of our awarnesses, and to those of us who have the original spark of humility, this also includes reverence to the G - D our M - K - R too!

The resulting political focus which comes about as a result will always vary according to the times in which one exist.  Never the less, and what quantifys this in terms of Left or Right of the political perspective, a French political perceptual innovation from it's bloody revolutionary days, will increasingly become more difficult for any of us to maintain. Or those of us who wish to keep a clear head. There is too much political clutter to deal with and have a clear focus at the sametime. For those who do feel they have " The "  political perspective, now also have a tendency to be geeks, or counterfit liberals, or ass hole storm trooper conservatives. Every political party has them !  Like flees, they also swarm, largely around projects which have money to give out!
Judgement reviews every event or human condition which either precludes or initiates events or discoveries must be given it's recourse to find a solution within a much freer world of options, than what exist today.  There is now too much arrogance in those who have fashion contemporary sociopolitical tools in order to find their own sense of security, and thus they become highly opinionated when anything new happens-instead of a wait and see attitude. They must " BE " right all the the time attitude!
" Especially when it is also becomes evident in the righteous comment " I do not know."  Virtually does not exists with of these self-centered political types."
Thus a political focus here is not the resolve which one should look, but how one attempts to see it as a new condition or of  which can have the opposit effect to empower an individual or society; the necessary duality perspective comparison judgement frame to examine in intellectual perceptions,  its impact upon the rights of the individual. It is the strength of developing historic new conditions which is at the sharp razor edge of what has already created the cultural democracy movement in both Europe and Asia-at the sametime.
This takes a hell of a lot of time, nonethelss,  though very necessary too !
The singularity of which is the right to discover, and not to pre-judge during the process of human discovery. The political statement of the " historic " [ as researched ] avant garde.
Roger M. Christian / Editor.

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