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The Frontiers of Space:

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The World does certainly rotates.  However, understanding the forces which causes its rotion is a whole different matter ! 
The Geodesy

The Exploration of Mars:
In the comming years, there will be increasing focus on the pre-planing of the mission to Mars.  Thus the completion of the International Space Station becomes paramount.  Boeing, among others, have already designed how we can go to the red planet, and with existing technology. 
This means, that we have the resources to do it now !  Thus the emphasis of this WebPage is to provolk a positive call for this project to be taken u by the Preent administration of NASA, now !
This WebPage can only give general details only !


What one of the critical aspects of any venture of this magnitude is to look at the economic potential in locating new additional resources.  The depletion of " our " national  resources are now just being felt, but still not significant enough to cause panic.  But most intellegent people know it may be coming, and all too soon.
The Four Corners...


Space exploration:  The simple truth, everytime there is a take off at the John F. Kennedy Space Center in the State of Florida, the crew, and the ground backup crew knows there are great risks involved.  Nonetheless, the fear is short lived, and everyone is set to go! Nonetheless, we are just starting out in space exploration.

The next generation Space Shuttles.
Boeing photo

Exploration of Mars.


The real first question to be answred.  " Is there free water on Mars ?" The term ' free ' being used here is the kind of water which can flow into a glass..  All future explorations, and space flights, especially for the near future will need clean water;
The next will  reult  in the development of the planet itself-.  The means, developing a radical and yet rapid agricultural terra forming techniques. The second is discovering the ecological development of the Earth by reverse ecological engineering in stages by completely integrating  the mountain of scientific environmental information researched by all known Ecologists about our own planet and their various support sub-components. 

Star Charts 


Star maps are extremely impartant too !


Means of Travel:

This is one many such designs which are in the works.  Moreover, due to their size and complexity, a ship like this will have to be assembled and fueled in orbit adjacent to The International Space Station.

The International Space Station
First Priority !


What are the necessary actions to take in order to create a whole order of new conditions ?
The above statement - question has established, in proper english, the connection between actions to create, as well as create to the phrase - whole order of new conditions.  Furthermore,  the connection between actions and new conditions is what is point of this sentence.
Thus one can foresee the connections which are topically discussed in this WebSite.  What is, also, implied is that the actions being proposed is to set in motion different events to promote.  It is these events, actions more specifically, which once established should produce new conditions.
An Example.  Queen Elizabeth I of England pushed her fleet captians of the English Privateer Fleet to plunder the Spanish Gold Ships of the seas. She got a large percentage in which she, then,  bolstered the national treasury.  A national treasury from which paid the Elizabethan Social Welfare laws.
A new condition, the first modern social welfare system was established for the poor, especially children, pensions for disable English soldiers, or pickmen, by offering food and housing subsidies and were being paid for by gold booty taken from the Spanish Main.  Moreover, this created another new economic condition, its ripple effects, which eventually expanded the English Middle Class, initiated by the creation of the white collar social work officals work force to manage the program themselves, as well as helped to stablize basic English industries, through social strategic puchases, at that time. Furthermore, this caused the intellectuals during this era to take closer look at the impact of the money being expended as a result of this form of social interactive governmental intervention, and the research they did, and subsequent published economic views became the foundation blocks for present day modern economic theory.  Ultimately of which successfully challenging, in the end, the English Monarchy.
No ! It is not recommended that we set up a privateer navy, and go find something to plunder.  But to create different actions which has a public communications component of the focus in which the actions are initiated.
Here then, and finally, one can look at the points of view of planning a space mission to Mars.  Simply Mars is there, and we are not !  No!!  This is not a pund.  Rather that none of us with any degree of certainty can foretell what the outcome will be once we are established there.
Most interesting, of which, is the advance necessary technologies to produce a space ship which can take us there  and back - will likewise increase our abilities to ultimately settle there.  Technologies of today are more closely related in their uses than ever in human history. 

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