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The Artistic ~ Avant Garde

Du' Avant Garde - Academic Institutions Ithaca, New York

The complete Artist is always home in the exploration of art, the driving passions. and right after an art exhibit featuring his works, the swet of anxiety during his renderings,  is suddenly overshadowed by the recognitions each artists finally recieves.
The works here, every one, took a force of imagination, along with personal courage and most of all idenity finding-which precludes all forms of acceptance finding.  These examples were carefully selected.  Can you tell us why ?  If you have trouble, it is then advised for you to look more closely over in the entire contents of this WebSite.

Precieving the Perceptions !


Picasso - Self Portrait:


Today, gathering strength in artistic leadership in both London and Copenhagen is Jan Esmann, art focus, " Transcending Modernism. "

The Four Clones ( WebSite )
Danish Jan Esmann~ Transcending Modernist "

Jan's Main Art contribution ....
The Metaoesis of Sarcasm !


Michangelo's David


A Parisan Show of The Artistic Avant Garde


Mobiles : 

Alexander Calder - French

Linda Erickson Photo Artists
Click on for WebSite

Video / Photography 

The American Heritage:  The New York School ~ Abstract Expressionalism: In the internet articles, Rebels, Painters and Poets of the 1950's the roots of the New York School is discussed.  Moreover, a similar internet articlke also appeared too - Rebels, Painters and Poets of the 1950s ~  with the same title, or err discussion topic ( the bird and the egg thing again ).
Jackson Pollock  ~ Robert  Motherwell ~ Franza Kline  ~ Adolph Gottlieb ~ Willem De Kooning ~ Barnett Newman ~ Ad Reinhardt ~ Mark Rothko ~ Clyfford Still :
Their Graduates:
Being Listed at Ithaca Art [ Blog ]
Who they inspired that is...

A recent graduate - spiritual though.
Amy Baker " Fish "

In every vein of an artist perceptual cognition of what they are to produce is the vast emotiuonal wilderness they had to first to cross in order to succesfully convey to their chose public the fact of their art form.  But what is not known by either themselves, more often than not, and the public pool of art consumers, is that art has a clandestine social cultural ingram which covertly imprints human behavior - as a result of visualizing the art enviornment-most prevelant at art exhibits world wide.

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