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The Avant Garde ! Entertainment and Recreation ~ Radical Scenarios

Du' Avant Garde - Academic Institutions Ithaca, New York

When the issues of either gender or ethnic strife is involved, as in the following views, focusing on mainstream human behavior or histroy may be-lie, or miss-represent what is really happening in normal  human social or cultural discourse.  Thus avant garde is then applied as means to explore and to look into other areas which at first may not seem to be either acceptable in mainstream society, but in truth once you able to get beyond your own personal fears of seeing what is inside may reflect a greater picture of what had just occured within the living environments of human society.

Preface - Instructions:

There are three forms of operating socio-cultural spectra analysis, explained ion previous webpages, operating in the following submissions.
One:  Is the creative association of issues and view points which are part of the Creative Problem Solving System as taught at the State University College @ Buffalo, Buffalo State.  Which means every attempt will be made to associate apples with oranges.
Two:  Is to form a view, essay, or article which attempts to totally abandone the both political spectrum of either the left or right and let the chips fall due to the gravity of the evidence itself.
Three:  To locate and then exploit the full potenital of a views, essays, or articles in order for the user who is reading to be provided varied views of information along with their differings colorizations in order to increase one's own perceptual focus of the world about us.
Very much like those who have competing Gothic fashions motifs, the view which triggered their interest and then participation comes from the internal need to find spearate idenities, but likewise having a shared commonality as well.  The following statements are themselves not representive of what the avant garde is, but are published to enhance the social, cultural, political and spiritual values which the avant garde is most vigilant to advance.  Thus the need for differing opinions, as well as colorizations inorder for each individual to form their own set of values, and then locate others with similarities of both views and value systems.
It is in the creation of varied Value Systems which is real core of the avant garde - whether it is in a political view, fashion statement, spiritualities, or social and cultural values; they are only new beginings. The grist of which - for they have that one compelling element which creates that one persoanl active human drive to create for the  world a better place in which one is able to celebrate life and this is the true defense of beauty itself- which is the ends of the avant garde..


Suicide Girls dot Com

As per the past article: Heroic Generation

"This component has likewise appeared in experiences of increasing fustrations in their dealings and learning with their primary and secondary school teachers - who in most instances are unaware of their emerging student traits. This is the additional impact of computer usage and its ability to influence their own innate drives - while most of their parents being totally unaware. Furthermore, those who families have home acccess to the Internet have triggered a unique struggle for this generation of Internet users to find common idenity; this has created the basis for a different more complex cultural society to emerge within America's mulit - cultural mosaic. "

One the extreme examples is Suicide Girls dot Com. The proper place to begin is to warn you through these four points:

One: They do not promote suicide: In fact, if what I have been able to get out of the internet and the various police reports are true; their membership as a satistical number have a very low rate of suicides; though they do witness alot of body pain due to piercings and tatoos.

Two: As per their meta tag for description who they have traditionally attracted those have already committed are self-exploring thenselves ....

" Suicide Girls SG; Suicide Girls SG Pin Up Girls - Tattooed Girls Goth Punk Emo Alt Girls"
Nevertheless, they, both the membership of this group who are over 18 YO, and thier internet audience do not agressively advocate their behavior, most of their audience are not of age ( 18 ).  In fact they, both seem to want a stylized sensual ( Semi_Gothic ) elietism to emerge; this implys a sophisticate marketing beahvior ( idenity finding linkages to money ) as well behind this groups origins.

Three: They emerged right out of the Internet, and one of the first group to have done so by the obvious traits they have been so willing to exposed, body curvatures and female sensuality as a power center on the internet as a resultant of their own innate drives being affected by this medium.  Of course this was initially created a self-exploitive means, which one of the contributor - founders ( male of course ) sought-but not what they expected in the end.  Instead this became a socio-techno-cultural trigger which influenced those who were already emerging as online dependents or user fixated.

Four: This likewise is not adovcating this behavior, but is to give one of the most vivid examples of how the use of the internet have had an affect on early and pre - teens behavior, though its membership and age restricted and some of the photo usages are still points of law enforcement concerns ( and rightly so.)

In reviewing this group for some years now, what has occured is that there are groups of female youth, teens, and young adults who have rebelled from the emerging orthodoxy of the Feminist Movement which grew out the 1970s. The fascet of under-age ( 18 YO) female teens supports and admirations are reflected in MySpace, Facebook, and various others free popular webs in who they are linking ( one way ) to and creating their own webs representing their own emerging complex idenities and sensuality; the key factor of Suicide Girl dot Com popularity - but not relflective of its actual membership base.  Another - words the edge, comphrehension of power and sensuality, this gave to this population was more important in the development and organization of their personalities, and not the surface exploitive veneer most would think first.
The internet, and the emerging feelings which came about by their observation of their own parents behavior ( as reflected in their own webpages ) about female role functioning and the growing changes in society, especially further reacting against growing male sociocultural emasculation ( with which they resent ), as a result force their attention to look and search the Internet to find their own answers and peerage. And an answer they did find, and leaders as well from the view of their emerging personalities.  [ Note of Caution ] What parents should be more than concerned are the male predators who are likewise looking on to seize opportunities.[ Note of Caution ]

They found others ( within the Internet of free web services ) who felt and experience the same conditions and desires and the very beginnings of a community internet idenity was formed. The networking component and the very rapid accumilation of personal information about others female teens' behavior, and the complex feelings they reflected grew at an alarming rates beyond the control of their own parents to even concieve. They likewise craved a dramatic edge, easy access to popularity as well, and the only thing which can shock a parent is suicide among other keywords. And it is the sociocultural realities within their own family structures, whose parents were likewise trying to adjust to the additional restraints of what is legal [ such as degrees of restrictions in publically and privately physically punishing your own child ] to disipline thier own children. This further triggered additional the emergening idenity components in this populations development in early teen behavoirisms, which gave them visual power as they started the sculpt [ working on developing sensual body curves ] and decorate their bodies with piercings and tatoos not as protest, but as a very personalized power idenity.  The loss of parental rights created a displine vacum.  All the while and even though they could not join offically Suicide Girls dot Com.

For example within a segment of this group who initiated piercings of their clitorus actually culturally stimulated males and as a result were attracted to their growing culture wanting to join along their side actually started the trend of piercing their testicles; the behvioral proof of their power idenity and affect on young males who likewise wanted a share in its popularity syndrome. This eventually created, likewise. their, Suicide Girls' own subculture of Bi - Sexual Males whose new sexual idenities was the basis in their acquire popularity syndrome in order to attract Suicide Girls favors and subsequent sub -memberships into this group. What this meant was to established their own field of dominance within male society to switch hitting as being an intregal part of their, Suicide Girls' own power awareness, and liberating themselves into fully sexually exploring themselves and each other - both super rough and gentle thereby pushing their own known human limits.  They likewise founded a legal wedge around soft porn restrictions too! All the while respecting human life even more to degree they have also

....become sociocultural icons against teen suicides; their contribution to the term " The Heroic Generation".

At the heart of the various facets of this group is the constant need to find new additional sociocutural edges, and that meant to discover new challenges.  Some did join this group when they came of age ( 18 ), but most went in other directions. Thus the group became more complex, and the real kicker is that some have, now, as their  peer emerging leaders have already entered into their own businesses. Which at times they have used their own power sexuality discovery as a utility to gain the edge over competing males and as a result winning. Needless to say, they have likewise created a dream state in which they are likewise too, looking for their own verson of a John Wayne.

Right now they are at this point, and one in which there exist a real wealth of information as they have developed a real culture and dramatic influence. Moreover, and from a histroical view, Greek - Helenistic civilizations had likewise similarities, including genital mutilation, within their own society within the cults which were house in various temples of worship. What is coming is still in the works, as this September 2, 2008 update have already indicated, but one of the most fascinating aspects of the connection between the Internet, the human innate, and the resulting drives which have emerged as a result. Thus this article can not be finished and this is simply due that all the results of the emerging culture have not yet fully emerged.

The Ottoman Curse:

It was in the declining years of the Ottoman Empire which created the basis of most present day regional conflict which we now call the Middle East Conflict and Persian Gulf Wars; this made it easy for a group young Ottoman military officers to take control as well-the Young Turks.  Thus the critical issue of the necessary success of Jewish rights to self - determination in this region, its political ends, the emergence of the State of Israel can now be made more clear in as much as it directly relates to the confusion of both Afganistan and Iraq; and thus they both are now clearly understood.
Mid - 19 century The Ottoman Turks were faced with the understanding their real situation after both Greek struggle for independence and the Crimea War. That latter into late 19 century they undertook efforts to reasert themselves by engaging in the development of contemporary ,network of railroads, roads, bridges, canals, , telegraphs - then telephones and the their supportive uitlities such as clean water and coal burning electric plants.  They had already were able to use genocide [ through implementing inter-ethnic strife ] as a form of statecraft but soon found out they did not have the internal talent pool .to launch these ambitious development projects.
Thus entered the Germans and competing British.  More importantly, for the view being presented, the ruling class, both old, under the Pasha and new under the Young Turks, and their cronies did not want to pay for these projects.  Thus they looked on and investigated various tax records to locate who they were going to get, or steal the money from.  After the revolts in Egypt Albanian born Muhammad Ali , and then in the Arabian coast of the Red Sea this became even more urgent, - they needed to complete their planned development project's contract negotiations with Germans as soon as possible.  They just lost Egypt simply due to non - existant forms of rapid communications and the means to transport both the troops and  mercenary Kurds to stop Ali's revolt  from actaully taking Syria whole - which the British had to step in to put a stop to. Thus they found both the Ethnic Greeks and Armenians were perfect to acquire the necessary monies.  Fear from more outside intervention, they decided to be less harsh on the ethnic Greeks [ remembering the European adventurers, such as Lord Byron and other idealists who likewise fought in Greece itself for their independence . ] though they too were now being heavily taxed, but looked on to the more vulnerable Armenians; all the while the German Foreign Ministry in Berlin looking on approving at the sametime.
Once the confiscated funds started to fill Ottoman coffers, along with various skimming techniques, they signed a whole host contracts with the Germans and wealth in the Ottoman Empire was both being concentrated and un - equality redistributed through - out  the entire region at the sametime.  Moreover, genocide as a form of state - craft was likewise implemented with both the Germans and European adventurers, IE T.E. Lawrence [ doing his is Phd Thesis on Crusader Castles in the Holy Land ], also know much later as Lawrence of Arabia, looking on. 
Instead of these projects creating stablity in the empire they instead created the reverse and made the empire more corrupt.  The ruling class at that time started to sink deeper corruptive practices and initiated the present modern networks  of trafficking in women from the east to the west, and  likewise prepared 10 year boys and girls for additional shipment. Sex traffick networks emerging internally and then externally through - out the world - causing the image of the Ottoman Empire as being the flesh pot of the world; the central cause of attraction of new  incoming European adventurers such as T.E. Lawrence.
The initial stages of various construction projects, the Germans soon found out they could not really depend upon the locals in areas like Allepo, Jerusalem,and others as an honest labor force.  With the success the did have in finding good labor force in the Suni Triangle of Baghdad, they started - with their Turkish clients' looking on and not interferring - to initiate mass transportation of this labor force into the developing regions. Sunism started to dominate along the eastern Meditraina coast as a result.
This was the initial infusion of wealth and massive development in the region.  The Zionist elements who likewise added to the regions economic picture by their own infrastructed developments at the sametime were being given lip service in as much as the Young Turks had future plans for these settlers to come under their directives of statecraft - genocide internal policy once they accomplished a degree of wealth which they wanted to likewise steal too.   It was not unitl the beginings of WWI were the Ottaman Turks to initiation the termenology of  ' the final solution ' was implemented - as someone, the Armenians, now, likewise, had to pay for the war itself.  Those who implemented this internal ethnic cleansing policy were a mixture of both Turks, Kurds, and German advisors.  Later, fearing the Kurds being massively armed they were left out future sceems a year later.
Ottoman Armenia was litterally sent to deserts of Syria to disappear, and if the British  through then efforts of Major, T.E. Lawrence [ For he saw how the bedoin mercenaries were bribe by the Turks to make sure no one was going to steal either the rails or railroad ties - as they did when the Turks made their initial attempts years earlier. ] did not destroyed the railroad infastructered systems the ethnic Greeks were next, and then the Zionist Settlers.
Up to WWI political districts were developed to maintain control, and the use of inter-ethnic strife .was significant elements in how these districts were formed and then governed.  Each district must have that one peoples who made others fearful, or hateful; thus it was to befall primarily Christian, or Jewish, Kurdish, then either Arab Shiite or Suni communities to advance  this practice - thus creating the Middle East Political Tooling of the Turkish version of Sambos.
None the less, it was the construction of system of railroads which was the un-doing of the Ottaman Empire.  This was primarily based on the who and how the Turks approbiated the land necessary, and the various right - a - ways .on both sides of the raildroad tracts.  Arab Christians, Jews, Etnnic Greek, Druzes,,Kurds and many others who were not part of the power center lost their lands as well as thier communities - villiages between 1878 to 1917.  Various deeds were created and then tranfered to the ruling classes who inturned issues absentee landlord leases to new imported labor force who likewise settle in the region paying out rents to the Turks. The Ottoman strategy both socioeconomic and military defenses were totally depended on the railroads.  Once they were destroyed by Lawrence the Ottomans lost power and were forced to retreat followed by the Britsh who found it easy to rebuild this system within weeks.
It was from the who, what and where as well as the how the various political districts were set up, the implementation of genocide as a from of State - Craft, and the central importance of the network of the railroads were brought about during the crumbling Ottoman Empire which is the present Ottaman Curse.
In Israel whose Jewish population has felt to touch of genocide themselves as a peoples, as well as in Afganistan and Iraq the opperating paradigns of conflicts all have their roots in this curse, and the peoples which emerged under this environment all have been negatively affected, as well as the real values involved in the present American political discoruse.  For it was the Turks who initiated the operating values in the regional conflict itself.  Most Arab Christians have already fled, and was to unfortunately to befall the Arab Jews and Zionist  who were to be the only ones who were able to resist

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