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This is an extension of the WebSite of The Avant Garde ~ Entertainment and Recreation.

One the leading elements of a more formulized forms of creative associations, or just comparison cross associations.  The following is one of the formulas presently being used.

Further Instructions:
Just to let you know, there will be additional links [ See the links on the bottom to discovered the wide field of options which are coming to this focus  [ WebPage ] added to this WebPage later.  Creativity is an on-going process in of itself-a never ending human condition!
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The Artists Rendering, or Sculpting  Process:


The Choreographers internal mechanisms used to create music with the emotions of dance.


The Fisical Body.  Emotions, and Intellegence included.


The athletic coaches ability to create new plays to catch the opposing team off guard - the competitive side of creativity.
IE. Knute Rockne's Creation of the foward pass.  The empires look at this for weeks thereafter. 

How an artist can be graphic & political
Goya - Spainsh Massacre

How they interrelate ?
The full use and extension of the physical human frame is where all art started.  What this means, is that for a while, the human body becomes an object.  An object of art. An object of movement.  An object of adoration.  But all in all, never the less, an object.
Artists. Art.  It is the human intent to create and then uses known perceptual guide posts in which general society can recognize to produce art. This is what is known as culture. The avant garde on the other hand challenges these connections.  This determines largely on whether or not there are leaders in any society segment who can motivate the artistic, social or political environment to produce change when change has been determined to be needed. At issue, within the general public, is what is actuallly being transcended from an idea to the creation of art, a specific action, sports or in dance, or a political focus - as judged by the systems of value in whether the initial idea is accepted or not. 
Tanscended ? What this means, is that, for example,  the personal developmental history of values impacts the choreographer who has envisioned a paticular movement , in which the human body is an object of adoration, how the musical composition fits his dance visions and how it further defines what is to be the focus of its dance action.  That action, or to transcend is extremely similar in how a special lay up shots in backetball are taught-coached, and then, are put in to play with succesful consequences.  The same is true for a painter, once that rendering in oils or water color is completed, and then is praised at a prestigious art show. The same is true in how we dress, maintain our physical appearances, or how those who are able to sculpt their own bodies, and who, to most of us who do not follow this recent popular trend,  looks perfect.
Thus a coach, IE Knute Rockne, upon seeing a ballet, could see a comparison in the choreography on the staged ballet performance to what went-on on the grid iron during last week's football match.  A match in which the other coach's team won.. The inside story as told by his wife, what really happen, as a result,  Knute noticed the accurate choreography was sharp and very ready in the Swan Lake ballet. Then he focsued on the part in which the ballarinas shifted, once, and then a second time. Inspiration !  Then he  foresaw how a similar shift in the offensive line could mimic what he saw on the ballet stage.  The very next game his offenisive line shuffle to the left and then to the right caused the opposite team to be caught completely off balance. Then a game or two later came his foward pass and football became a national past time.
It is always the ends of a specific action, or completed work of art which conveys the intent of it's inertia of values of real human character.

Wall Bound Fine Art

Representional Forms:

Political insight into art is always there to be used by the artists, as well as the chroeographer.  IE Goya paintings denoted alot of political intense feelings.  Due to the human pyche of how thought can be transmitted through art, and especially its ability to even more dramatizes the trauma of life and death, tragedy and celabrations, and the great expanse of the outdoor and the utter drab of a dungeon, art can do it all more than reality itself.
On the other hand, the successful coach of a highly competitive team can use the additional tatical edge to enduce loss of confidence in the opposing team.  The very mind of the member of the opposite team becomes a phyche canvas of  emotions and anxieties, all of which to be use against the oppossing team.
Nevertheless, most art is to focus on beauty itself, and the represental aspect is to add luster to life itelf.  Thus canvas after canvas, art is ever so  plentiful in portraying beauty itself.

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Representional Movements:

The simplicity of the human form, and using it as a commonality focus to educate oneself in developing deep personal introspection has always been in tune with every civilization.  Whether it was the Greeks,  Romans, Germans, or The  United States.  The reach for commonality has always been there.
In the feminist struggle several sub - movements have came about.  Each within their own stage of historic development.  Moreover, it seems, and with some considerable dismay and anxiety by women themselves about males, sex and the resulting forms of relationships, women are more than sinsitive to several physical issues concerning their own bodies.  Thus peering into their own personal and private individuality, once described to me as spaces, the resulting phyche,  one can only come together, and finding personal answers by understanding the common physical manisfestation of being a woman by interacting with other women. At the center is control of over their own bodies and sexuality. This has been the contemporary historic map of getting it together!  Thus and an example is found in the demostrative session  represented in this photo.
Here the physical characteristics have overflowed into a sociopolitical movement-with some cultural aspects later on upon an impact society as a result. Though and what should be understood at the sametime is how this reinforces democratic action at the sametime.  The sociopolitical focus is self-idenity as a womyn. Expressions are themselves useless emotional voids unitl they connect with human needs, and of which is the single human desire to be free, or to find a happier life, or life-style.  All of which are likewise depicted in this photo.
Whether those who participated in this event got what they really wanted is circumstancial, but the very fact they indeed did this demonstration or activity, and on such a very wide scale also indicates their real potential power!  If this ever became wide spread, the entire tilt of sexuality in America would have been altered-or may have without anyone, especially males knowing it.
Over the horizon is how naked'ness-es, expecially of women, are precieved !  This touches upon the ethnographic Eden emotional phyche syndrome which is socioculturally imprinted upon Western civilization, and of which denotes extreme caution at the same time. There are extreme examples of this.


Amadelio is an online-interview broadcast about people from art, culture, economy and science. To no longer miss an interview, you may download them from our archives.

Recent interview: Carla van de Puttelaar °The beauty of women°
In our interview Carla talks about Nobuyoshi Araki and Diane Arbus and about her own work. Her big theme is the beauty of women. Her models are not made for the covers of the high gloss magazines for they aren“t perfect. In other words their „stain“ is what Carla van de Puttelar finds so beautiful about them. In her detailed pictures you find fragil beings with closed eyes and mostly with pale skin. Every picture is art, without flash light and very touching.
Action: www.amadelio.com

Black Cincinnati

Civil Rights :

During one Summer at The State University College @ Buffalo, I took a lecture course given by Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm.  The session was completely video taped, and I was told later on by people who remembered me on the video class lecture asking very serious questions to her during her lecture.   Her video lectures are on file at the Colleges video library.
The course she taught was about Black Women, and the one comment she made is that the First America Wealth, the original fortunes created in America, came out of the Whom of the African American Women Slave. The plantation economy, slave labored based,  was the single most dominate financial power in the United States. Moreover, she gave testimony about the movement which sprang up into national popularity as a result of the historic sit down demonstration for freedom by Rosa Parks on an Alabama bus.  Nonetheless, most of the movements were in existance before this historic event.  What made them nationally popular was the single action of Rosa who said " No . She Will Not give Up her Seat."
It was not until mid session, when we, each of her students started to talk to her in private conversations that I made other discoveries about this remarkable woman, and excellent lecturer. I feel my other co-students did the same too !
Her energies came from her moral convictions, and the ability to write these convictions down successfully, and this caused her to become the first Black Congresswoman in American history.  Therein, is her own artful useage of focus in the written language which made her a master politician too!  Even to seek the presidency.
Her inspiration was both human conviction for moral charater, and her lovel for art, as well as dance.  Here was an interesting fascet of her own personality was the  remarkable admiration she had for Josephine Baker-who she spoke with passion and reverance.  Her entire passions for the struggle for liberity of the oppressed was reinforced by her dance arts, the iconic symbol of this art form of Josephine Baker.  Congresswoman Chisholm saw symbolisms for liberation between her and Josephine Baker.  All of which was based upon  the content of human character as the main issue of her own struggle, and the available means black women had to find free expression and spiritual solitude.. Especially, as she saw real personal strength in Josephine Baker, just as clear as the morning day during her childhood in the Islands of Carribean.
The struggle in which she focused was that of being black, in a time of racial discrimination, a woman, in a time of gender specific discrimination, and deeply moral person of convictions whose political persona accepted and then actively implace personal value systems in her style of leadership-a contemporary role model at that and this time and era .  All of which she fought for. 
She gave so much and generously too to her one and only lecture class. The reason why it was video taped. It was for her a legacy of her giving.  It became a standard video course-even taught, though now reverantly so, today at the State University College @ Buffalo - Buffalo State.
The boarder connection between art, her ability to write and converse as result, gave her the assurances she needed to be established among the greats of the 70s, indeed, the leader she was needed to be.


The Avant Garde:

Interesting enough, it was indeed Josephine Baker herself, which makes an excellent conclusion to this WebPage.  Here was a dancer, a beautiful woman, a WWII heroine, part of the French Resistance Movement, and one who was able to reach out to others at the sametime.  This helped Paris to become a cultural Mecca.
Her stamp of clever personality and form of dancing, a bare costuming,  which was even attempted to be copied by Hollywood by getting Carmen Meranda dressed up with fruit on her head ( Edith Head personal comments at that time ).
Nonetheless, she gave the world insight in to the black female artist dancer on an International stage. Her accomblishments in her art gave her the will to go beyond art, and to assist and help others. Including in this list of who she helped, was the French peoples themselves.
Art does crosses over when there are people with visions who can internally make the connections within themselves, first and foremost.  It is here too where these connections have greater impact upon their own sense of human character than by any other means.  Then, and only then, other written words becomes more personally meaningful, and so significantly so as to impel and invest ones own life in others. IE. " The Torah. "
The Avant Garde of today is the ability to invest ones life in others!

Women in the technological/scientific universe

we wanted and we could'nt, we were there but we did'nt see us, we are there and every day more...we'll be there and as we'll want it
how it went ...and how it goes...Women and the ICT ::: Mileva Maric, the other face of Einstein ::: this job aint for women??? ::: mathematical women: are'nt there any or isn't there any conscience about there existence? ::: women and "mans jobs" ::: telework: a look at it from the gender perspective ::: women and science fiction ::: women and multinationals: to command or not to command? ::: women, science and research ::: Women and free software: informal lecture linux girls::: sexual harassement at cercleweb
current experiences: web radio: radio paca is born ::: psicosoma factory:women dj's in bcn ::: pictures genderchangers workshop at ESF London ::: audios of the talks of the 1st jocs fractals of grącia: women and technologies ::: informal lectures jocs fractals ::: jocs fractals 2005 ::: manifest of the zorra mutante ::: linux girls ::: Barbara Thoens: hacking is politics
considerations:the self-management of the body:::technoliberation ::: cyberfeminist manifest for the XXI century ::: Where do you find feminism in cyberfeminism? ::: the technologies of identity ::: cyberfeminism: the claim of the body ::: technoscientific transformations of bodies, sex and genders: challenges of feminism ::: links about gender and women ::: reinventing space :::

+info :: >>>women


Researched and Compiled by Roger Meredith Christian .

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