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Issues: Of the Avant Garde

Du' Avant Garde - Academic Institutions Ithaca, New York

The issues presented are few of what was discovered as a result of both spectra analysis and implementing critcal path methodologies.  There are several more none the less.
At the edge of the present International popular movements who are largely unorganized, and of which are also just starting are these...

Additional Notes:   The Avant Garde.
Tatical issues to broaden human frontiers. Very much like a lunge and perry in fencing, the same can be said of any thing which has a physical focus or a social force. 
Example - To make it even more simple.  You take dance, football, soccer, and basketball for example, and how their success hinges on how to produce the successful innovative move.  In every case tatics are directly involved, as well as inprovisations.  Nevertheless, the more highten the skill is developed in one, lets say basketball, then there is better likelyhood of the same innovative move being transfered to another skill in the other, lets say in ballet. All four can be then creatively interrelated as they rest on it's successful outcome of just one coming up with the initial innovative move. This was fully realized in the development of a creative choreography curricula which focused on cross associations of the innovative move.. 
In social movements, on the other hand and as depicited, there are likewise new thought which is revealed by closely examining all the emphirical data, and taking close observation notes and then creatively cross associate them into a simple focus. 
Thus the following is a very short list,  The choice in which they were published is the relative importance of how we are to confront unconditional the major social and cultural, thereby the poitically anxieties of our times and era in their organization into movement of the nouve avant garde...

Centrality of the Family
What started as a Babysitter WebSite, suddenly, as the focus was to locte qualified and sfae persons for babysitting, the WebSite became something alot bigger.  This reflects upon those conditions which assures each child has a chance.  This theme " to have a chance - also indicate a virutal strenght position to insure that child can mature with the best traits of human character." With out which their lives as adults will be greatly demished!


The Foundation " For " Arab - Israeli Reconciliation-Ithaca, New York.  This largely focuses on the necessity to explore the common cultural ethnocentricities which exist between the Israelis and the Arabs-first and foremost.  Thus to produce a positive environment, and as a result all harsh and negative political rethoric is prohibited.  The central factor for this is to initiate a more private sector responce to the existing conditions in the Middle East.


The Israel Information Center Ithaca:
Israel Information Center Ithaca
Resource WebSite
With the present times ( November, 2005 ) as they are now emerging, along with a growing Jewish population in Israel itself, now passing 7 Million, regional political stability is now slowly coming about.  This gives rise to an additional and most needed phase of the National Movement of the Jewish Peoples to come about, and this is the mainspring of Cultural Zionism.

Cultural Democracy
Since about 1996 in places like Europe ( Eastern Europe at first ), Africa, and Asia, people started to ask themselves .." do they want something better in life?"  The answere came back in a very strong " Yes!"  Thus centralized authority became cumbersome to those who were struggling to make a better life for themselves, and especially for their children, all of which was based upon their own socio-cultural roots. Then came the new leaders!

Intercultural Communications.
Bloggers, and WebMasters alike know all the techniques of how to get a message accross on the INTERNET.  Never the less, it is the ends of how information is recieved which determines it's effectiveness. Thus enters Intercultural Communications as a field, and one in which empirical numbers can be extracted.


Inter - City Cultural Communications.
Over 30 Inter - City Cultural Communication WebSites and an additional 47 Blogs have been created to facilitate an INTERNET Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC Network.  This is just a beginning!
 The Role Model WebSite


There is additional room for your own ideas here on this WebPage space ( now being 40 % used )!

There is additional room for your own ideas here on this WebPage space ( now being 40 % used )!

Emergency Issue:
Roger M. Christain
Ornamental piece with gold figures
Professor Sevetlana Shelest Now in Moscow, Ru
A note of extreme caution since December 3, 2004, since its initial pubilication October, 2004, I have recieved an alarming amount of emails from primiarily mother's whose Sons, in their basic instincts, are fasely accused.  the last one I got was today, which makes it 50 emails to date, November 19, 2005.  All the comments on this WebSite are open for editing...Roger M. Christain, who is also an ongoing victim of  false accusations.
Addition, 24 October, 2006 as per last count there have been a total of 317 emails by basically mothers, and most recently girl friends and wives of males who are falsoly accused.  Moreover, and based on some of the implications of this, as well as an overall editorial need, additional editing of this site is now under way.  Lastly, the term of rape gangs has also hit home, and will demand a separate web site coming in June of 2007.
July 16, 2007 I have lost count, nonetheless the incidents of falso accusations are sill increasing.

International and National Cultural Fiesta Movement.
Samba Dance Classes
During the 70s there many social and cultural innovations.  One such sociocultural innovation was InterCultural Communications, and at the sametime, The International Students / Scholars at their academic mentoring institutions started to gain popularity simply due to their campus programs and events initiatives.  This culminated, especially at Buffalo State College, into a multi - festival later called International Cultural Fiesta.  What you see here has several different stages.  One is media publication and thus Academia - International Students / Scholars ~ News ~ Then you see International Students / Scholars InterCultural Communications Resources and Promotions .  Self explanatory.  With these two, the next item are the International Student / Scholars themselves into a networking communications grid - The International Students / Scholars Network
It is all three of these component which combined developes a solid foundation in which to launch a successful International and National Cultural Fiesta Movement.  With these four components you then have the means, an onl;ine manual of a sorts, and the base of active people who have already participated in the various created forums, in which to launch your own International or National Cultural Fiesta. .
International and National Cultural Fiesta Movement.  Conflict Preventioning.

The Issue for Nullification:
Presently Americans, both north of the border and south of the border are now comming to a point in " our " histories in which " our " future relations are going to be dramatically changed.  There is, now, no stopping this.
This site is developed with the intent to explain why we are both in a era of denial, and the reflects the central necessity for a period of relection and close examination under a new term ...
Nullification ,,, 
There is an historic connection, along with a historic warning, to what the decling Eastern and Western Roman Empires had likewise confronted with their own immigrant crises with the agricultural peoples of the Goths, Visigoths, Vandals, Heruli, and Orthogoths around 310; these peoples were used to farm great northern Roman  estates.

Mission to Mars ?.

The mission to Mars has a far more imprtant role function which far out weighs the fact of going and getting there.  It is the resulting technologies involved in making this a reality.  It is therefore not the going, nor necessarily the planning, which is the prime factor,  the point is the resulting technologies involved, and their impact upon human civilizations.

The next destiny of man !


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Ithaca Amnesty International

Science, Technologies, Public Policy, and Ethnics:

Science, Technologies, Public Policy and Ethnics:  This web site is an inclusive forum by which the public, private, academic and scientific domains for our society, as well as the world about America comes to a central communications Internet network to  focus and  review new science and technologies.
Public Access:  This feature makes the science more understandable to a larger population segment, as well as inspire others with considerable academic experiences to formualte a focus which assists political leadership about the major science and technological issues of today.

What will be the next destiny of man ?

Copper equipment

 Web Site  [ Hit ]

Traffic Stop
A network mobilization effort by Night Life ( NightLife ), RMC InterCultural Communications Internet Network to develop communication links to assist authorities with information on where to rescue victims and give additional needed intellegence.
Trafficking in persons — also known as "human trafficking" — is a form of modern-day slavery. Traffickers often prey on individuals who are poor, frequently unemployed or underemployed, and who may lack access to social safety nets, predominantly women and children in certain countries. Victims are often lured with false promises of good jobs and better lives, and then forced to work under brutal and inhuman conditions.

Take Back The Night Member MSN Group Drive.

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