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From academia to actual practice. 
 The Great Leap of Human Consciousness ! 

With in the content of the academia web page of Ithaca Night Life ( NightlIfe ), NY contains the formula for Intercultural communications when Ithaca's academic region communicates, through an established web site Internet network with another academic region like Paris for example. In the case of this web page, and if you scroll down a see the links to other academia web pages has already becomed the central hub of this process for academia world wide-though existing in a network developmental process for right now.
Thus, and as a further note, Ithaca has taken the lead.

The present evaluation and topic will first focus on the usage of the Internet as means to find a focus.  Then once community groups emerge, then additional emphasis will concentrate of topical usages to enhance this process of information exchanges which are the established bench marks of Intercultural communications.
None the less, and in addition, the work by Dr. Gerald Goldhaber of S.U.N.Y. a B. should always be examined in the meantime, as well as this porcess being used to develop conflict resolutions between peoples.

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