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The Purpose

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Here we will explain the purpose of our organization. We may also include our mission statement on this page.
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Organization Purpose

The purpose of this WebSite to produce an organization to increase the popularity of sociocultural events within the vision of Cultural Democracy . To educated, via the INTERNET, contribute the development of further increasing the present memberships so you will be able to grow and expand your own human experience by joining. Everyone also want to have fun while when we are together and working on projects to produce events representitive of our sociocultural aspirations. By developing relationships and friendships, and closer connections to our heritages, not with standing.  The creation of innovative cultural forms, the organization I have envisioned, will be even stronger.  Experience have taught me, that an organization, and promotions of personal empowerment is most lasting and faithful to everyones' dreams for happiness.

The Mission

As per [ BlogSite - read when you have time ], the mission is to further promote the small sociocultural event providers, human diversity, and promote others to produce sociocultural, sociospiritual, and sociopolitical events.  This is the basis of the various INTERNET groups I have established and the central organization I am establishing as a result; and the membership being developed is to produce an INTERNET Cultural Democratic community. This in turn establishing a physical organization.  I have already strived in the past to make a human difference by educating the public and expanding my own limitations and personal reach.  So, do you want an adventure ? Then you should sign on.  The contents of this WebSite is an educational doctrinaire from which you will be recieving an education you never - ever want to be without.  So welcome to your, then, WebSite.

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