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Query !  " What are the necessary actions to take in order to create change ? "

The above statement question is the crux of Critical Path Analysis.  In military terms tactics-though Critical Path Analysis is structure is a purely sociocultural domain-and for good reasons. 
It from here, when social and political planners try to find the best methods to apply the short reserves they had been allocated to provide needed social programs, and the training the staff of Social Workers to implement these programs.  It was from there too. To be clear. Where the program objectives, and the training of personel to comply with the mandate objectives of the law which brought about the funded program to take full use of Critical Path Analysis.  As a result, during the 60s, using earlier attempts provided by the New Deal pakage of the F.D.R. administration, the Great Society of L.B.J. administration was then concieved. 
Thus, social interventioning became institutionalized, as well as the Social Workers became aggressively pro'active in the lives of others. Talk on American and European Campuses,a dn well as therory became focused upon the critical tem social engineering. 
Was it possible ?

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