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Orientation ~ Our New Language - Glossary of New Termenologies and Spelling Initiatives.
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Under Construction.

An Introduction:
One of the fascinating discoveries that I made, is that when you put a miss-spelled word on your WebSite, then,  in turn,  its gets a higher INTERNET rating than the correctly spelled version.  Whoooo..and in the middle of one of my dreamscapes during the night .... a flash....I woke up. 
The arrangement of letters have their own roots of power within the contracted Binary systems of every computer made, and evey program developed.
Critical path Analysis kicks in, and the result..the careful construction of new rooted wordages, and creative use of capitalizations.  IE...WebSite....
Thus the following were discovered by applying additional tricks, and there from forming analysis of what had transpired on the INTERNET, and search engine.
IE ....WebPage....GroupSite....BlogSite ( the most popular )....

Once the network is fully established then both spelling techniques and meta tagging will initiated radical changes within the INTERNET.  There has been a binary flaw in every prgram produced within every computure program developed. Thus, and as the network expands the domain of radical spellings will likewise trigger higher overll rating with each WEbSite- WebPage produced.

Radical predomains: 

Keyword triggers:

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