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Critical Path Analysis was envisioned by both the marketeers of Madison Avenue during the passage of prohibition and womyns sufferage of the 1916 - 1922,  the Scientist of the Avante Guarde during the 1930s to advance their critical theorectical thinking, and the military establishment right after the experience of World War II.  It was for the reason alone in which the philosophies of Sigmud Freud was quickly accepted in the US, rather than in Europe.
One one hand:  What critical path analysis looks at is that the first statement, or thesis of an event, promotion, or publication ( propaganda ) must have an internal radical component to result in change behavior.  First sentence, and each other sentence which follows is to enduce change behavior. Thus this statement, very much like an abstract of thesis, must be supplemented by endusinng emotional responses and triggering ego-centric defenses at the sametime.
Then on the other.  Critical path analysis also probes into the natural world and other aspects of the enviornmental world, this also mean the entire discipline of Art and Science, to locate root causes and affects. Once a discovery is made the transferance of knowledge there with in causes additional critical thinking in another aspect of either of the sciences or arts.  Thus once a root cause is successfully discovered, then its further transmission into the sociocultural realm is thus assure.  Reality is then modified by the community who is able to absorb the knowledge by makign behavioral changes. IE. the root cause of fushion is most applicable, as once the Atomic bomb was both constructed, and then exploited, the needed additional diplomatic behavior then ensued - as a direct result of the advance of this technology.
Thus the nature of anxiety, and its behavioral personality components when illustrated by Freud became the primiss of most mass sells techniques.  Freud was simply a treasure drove to willing thinkers of the time, and whose investigations were critically look at from every vantage point.

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