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Ithaca Night Life Profile: Paul Glover

Paul Glover

One of the very, very few qualified community leaders with a vision for the Ithaca region has been Paul Glover. His Ithaca Hours and recent health program initiative has given those who are struggling to make something of themselves, the additional means to make their lives happier, as well as a better future for their children.

What he has done, in the meantime, and without personal forethought for his own personal benefit, has created two important foundation blocks for the creation of " The City State Model." The alternative community currency and safety health care net has indicated a very creative economic direction. All of which is based upon the value of labor over the value of capital.

The Historical Paradigm

[ Note: This is needed to illustrated - by this historic comparison exactly what Paul glover has set in motion. ]

Interesting enough, this is a classical resurrection of the foundation of the historical socio-economic development of present day European towns and cities. These towns and cities emerged, and for a few, were resurrected out of the feudal system of the middle/dark ages. How this was done was solely based upon the values in crafted - skilled labor, and of which was solely determined by the organized local craft guilds. In the meantime. during this historical economic era, this platform of crafted production of goods by skilled labor was greater than the capital worth of local feudal lords' increased rates of accumiliation; thus setting the stage for confrontation. Infact, as their organizations became more sophisitcated, and entrences into such guilds ritualized, capital worth and economic expansion through - out an emerging Europe, and the resulting sociopoltical power, as a result, was then self-determined by such labor guilds at both the protest of the Catholic Church, and feudal lords - barons. During such pweriods resulting conflicts-over economic anxieties created by this emerging socioeconomic power, many of these lords and barons took by force of arms a percentage of the resulting capital accumilation of these developing towns.

[ Re-focus ]
This history can not be ignore in context of what is developing here in the Ithaca region, and Paul Glover's importance. To continue...

As a result, and not with standing, this gave rise for additional revenue sources for local monarchs ( they got their share too of the resulting booty ) - who found themselves being similarily fustrated by such lords and land barons over political power and public policy issues. All of which were just emerging as a result of this new economic dynamic. Then in the end these towns finally were able to develop a new middle and upper classes by applying security defense by developing their own town armies; thus securing the marco capital worth of the towns themselves - by the right to private ownership of land and the free - accumilation of capital.

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What Mr. Glover has done is to very slowly and gradually develop the possibilty for a new middle class and upper class structures based upon the worth of labor. Almost the exact tract which created the redevelopment of European cities - which contrary to Roman cities did not derive from outside capital intrusions into the Non - Roman village systems, ie the basis of the Roman city of London Hellenized over the ashes of the preceeding village located there...

[ What should also be historically noted. ]

...Moverover, and in retrospect of the era of their critical socioeconomic development, the towns shifted their politcal obilgations from the local feudal lords to deal directly with the monarchy. They also placed their armies under their command too and gave rise to present existing community army regiments as a result.

How does this relates to what Paul Glover has done.

What this means for Ithaca, is that the local economy could in the end assume predominance over the national economy currency dependencies. Making Ithaca socioeconomically more self - independent / or self - dependent. which ever the Feds will accept. And thus Ithaca will find themselves in an interesting second track of avilable alternative currency resources in which to develop and determine our future conditions without the rudeful intervention of taxation. It is separation form taxation which makes it usage more attractive. The grist of which, is that Ithaca Hours are not by any law, or intent therein, especially under Federal and New York State statues, as well as the operating laws, or the Federal Reserve's guidelines, convertable to Federal Currency or any Notes of currency thereof.

The basis of both programs is also remarkable, yet the poltical mainstream of Ithaca and academia has not fully comprehended the genius behind these new socioeconmoic paradigms. Especially, their real historical significance.

This has given, the emerging infrastrucutral development of new socio-economic conditions, these programs will evolve as a result, is giving birth to the eventual evolution of " The City State " in which power is vested in the market worth of labor. This is in fact is the death nail of both socialism and totally removes the preadventuarlisms of Marxism from the idealistic vulnerabile intellectualizing " by and of " youth. As it has given capitalism an additional modifier of the value of labor into a new form of currency, thereby multiplying the macro wealth of it's local financial institutions, and all subsequent sub-institutional ( ie. loan institutions ) capital community base of Ithaca. Thus, this modifier effect becomes even more of a security trust foundation as it has already has demonstrated it's ability to act as a hedge against the impact upon Ithaca by the national economy during periods negative capital growth, as well as a further hedge against taxation - as it is not capital earnings in the form of dollars. Thus available community capital as well as the personal worth of ones labor has - as it has slowly assumed more of potent socialeconomic force into the future of implied alternatives for trust accumilations, and allowing at the sametine, easier spending priorities on goods and service produced outside Tompkins County.

Paul Glover stands head to head with the likes of John Kenneth Galbrith, and Miltion Freeman, as his programs. the paradigms they have created within Tompkins County, are suffienciently brilliant as to insure joint academic agreement by these two economic and at time very contensious economic icons.

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